Hi, I'm Victoria! I recently (May 2012) graduated university and received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree. I tutored 5 of the 8 semesters I was in school through the university's tutoring center and also through the math department's tutoring center. I tutored a high school student privately during my last semester.

I saved almost all of my math textbooks and shortly after graduation, as I flipped through some of them, I realized that my professors weren't able to cover a lot of the material in our short time together. I was little disappointed, but then decided to teach myself the things that my professors did not have time to teach me.

I am on a journey to teach myself the math that is in these books. I am just beginning, but have challenged myself to not skip topics and to not skip problems that appear too difficult. I tackle all the problems in each section, mastering each one before continuing. I've begun with Calculus, as it is the foundation of all higher mathematics.

As I began this journey of mastery, I thought I'd share my problem-solving skills with the world, and so Math Rescue was born. It began as a teaching tool intended to teach concepts, but has evolved into a problem-solving helper. This is a place where you can learn how I approach math problems and the tips and tricks I've learned or figured out during my college career and also as I delve into mathematics on my own.

This blog is not here to replace a professor or teacher or tutor. It is here to complement those resources. Some students need to be taught something three different ways before they finally catch on--I'm hoping this might be a "third way" for some of you. Maybe your professor is not very helpful or your school does not offer tutoring services--you may find help here. I will assume that you have been taught the lesson that a post covers and that you have a textbook or other resource with you as reference.

As you read and study and learn, if you have any comments or suggestions, I'm open to hearing them. If you have ideas for future topics, maybe a topic your class will be covering in the near future, I'm open to hearing about that too. Obviously, asking for a post covering a topic the day before you are tested on it won't help you much, but asking for something you will see in the future is smart. I will try to meet these requests.

If you need help with specific problems, feel free to comment on a post (preferrably one that is relevant to your problem) or contact me by going to the "Contact" page at the top of the blog.