Thursday, March 08, 2012

Site Update

I wanted to post a quick update to share my plans for this site and upcoming topics I am working on. I still need to finish the video for the second part of the Angles and Arcs posts--I have the post complete, but am just beginning the video. I'd love to get that up later today or tomorrow.

I have a long list of topics I'd like to do and am trying to decide on the order. I have some Calculus topics in mind that I think should be done first, and then a few more Trigonometry topics. After that, I hope to work in some calculator help videos/posts.

When tutoring, I get a lot of questions about how to use a graphing calculator. Many non-traditional students or people who have recently moved from another country, may not have used graphing calculators in middle and high school. High school and college instructors tend to assume that students know the basics of how to use the calculator and often rush through explanations, thinking they are a waste of time. This leaves many people in the dark. Not knowing how to use the calculator can cost you points on an exam because (1) you don't know how to check your computations, (2) you are doing more complicated calculations by hand, which increases the chance of error, and (3) some questions require the use of a calculator and not knowing how to use the calculator means you don't know how to do those questions.

So that's where I'm hoping to go from here. I'm aiming for two videos/posts each week, but with school and tutoring and life, it may not always be possible. Keep checking for updates. You can enter an email address at the bottom of this page to receive email updates when I post something new. Also, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel (search for the user itsvictoria08) to receive updates there when I post new videos. I always link the videos and posts together. I link the title of the blog post to the video, and below the video on YouTube, I include the link to the blog post.

If you have any comments, I'd love to hear them. If there are specific topics you'd like me to cover or if there's a subject you'd like discussed, leave a comment on this post or any other post.